Proven Winners

The Proven Winners

Proven Winners is a global network of plant breeders and growers.

The goals of Proven Winners are to introduce the best, most unique and stunning high performing plants and to market them in innovative, inspiring ways.

An Idea and a Philosophy: The Best of the Best

Proven Winners EU is a group of innovative European young plant growers and is a sister-organization of the American Proven Winners co-operative which was founded in 1992. Proven Winners is also represented in Japan, South Africa and Australia.

Our aim is to find the best new, interesting, high quality plant varieties and introduce them to the market after strenuous testing to secure that they are clean and healthy. Consequently ‘Proven Winners’ is not only a collective name, but also a quality mark for the Proven Winners products.

Proven Winners is constantly working to refine and improve the best plant products and offering them to the market to the benefit of retailers and consumers.    

But what does the PW-logo mean to you as a consumer?

Proven Performers

Proven Winners plants are unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth habit, disease resistance, versatility and garden performance. They are the result of the efforts of some of the finest breeders and plant developers in the world, who continuously work on developing unique, versatile and innovative plant novelties. Every new Proven Winners variety has been thoroughly screened and trialled before being denominated a Proven Winner.  The plant candidates undergo a rigorous selection process which takes at least 2 years and takes place in different climates under different growing conditions. Only the varieties which display superior performance are selected to bear the Proven Winners name and ‘PW’-logo.

Read more about our skilled and talented breeders here. (link)

Start Healthy - Stay Healthy

The inner quality is fundamental to the production of healthy and strong plants. Only clean and healthy elite material which repeatedly has been tested for pests and diseases will be used as mother stock for the production of Proven Winners varieties.  

The members of the Proven Winners network continuously cooperate closely with the propagation nurseries involved. This secures a high level of security for a healthy quality product and timely supply of starting material.