Proven Winners

Developing a New Variety

Our wide range of plant material is based on a thorough and careful selection process carried out by some of the top plant breeders in the world. Innovation and rigorous demands on the qualities of the plants characterize the work and assure the selection of the best plant novelties.  

The individual breeders around the world have different aims, strategies and background for their breeding. Almost all levels are represented ranging from small one-man enterprises to large international breeding companies, and horticulturists of all kinds from professors and PhDs to the self-taught garden enthusiasts. But they are all highly dedicated to developing new and improved plant varieties. Read more about some of our breeders here (link)

Propagation material

From the best plants of the selected plant material tiny little shoots – these are the growth points of the plants, called meristems - are isolated and then grown in test tubes in special, sterile laboratory conditions. 

The meristems grow quickly under the sterile conditions, they divide and form new plants. All the while they are being thoroughly tested and screened for undesired microorganisms. In the special growth media even the tiniest bacterial infection will soon be detected and all infected plants will promptly be removed. 

When all tests have been passed, the plants are re-planted and acclimatized from the sterile conditions in the laboratory to ordinary growing conditions in specific elite plant nurseries, where fine-meshed nets or overpressure prevent the intrusion of insects. Here the plants will grow and undergo tests for authenticity – that they have the right colour, growth habit and other specific characteristics of the specific variety – and at the same time the careful monitoring and screening of bacteria and vira are continued. 

Elite cuttings as Starting Point

Now it is time to harvest the elite cuttings which are to be the basis of the new mother plants and consequently of all the cuttings distributed to and grown in nurseries in the following season. The mother plants are also grown in insect-free greenhouses and the rigorous hygienic conditions are continued both in the daily care of the plants and during the harvesting of the cuttings.