Proven Winners



Argyranthemum ’Polly’ has a natural, compact, bushy form with blue-green foliage. The flowers are pure white with a golden centre - a classic white Daisy with large, strong flower heads. The growth habit is vigorous, still low and compact, with a profuse flowering and easily renews itself

Art. code 0401
Plug size:
25 mm
DW: youngplant:
Plant Height:
30 cm
Plant Width:
30 cm
Ready for Sale:
April - July
Flowering time:
May - October
Growth: dome Suitable for: pot Suitable for: bed Leafcolor: Green leaves Growing place: Full sun Properties: Remove old flowers
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Daisies, or Argyranthemum as they are called in Latin, are some of the most well-known and versatile annuals. They are stylish and decorative and bloom abundantly from spring through summer. The Proven Winners range consists of new, magnificent, naturally compact varieties bred in Australia, and the somewhat more prolific Butterfly-varieties. All are early bloomers and will produce a profusion of flowers in pure, bright colours above an often blue-green foliage.
Daisies perform best in full sun, but are adaptable to almost all situations from small pots to large garden beds. The spectacular and graceful flowers above the fine foliage make it easy to create elegant combinations in gardens and on terraces. Usually the plants are self-cleaning as new shoots and flower buds will appear and cover the withered flowers. However, after a great flush you may also trim the plants slightly, so that all spent flowers are removed just above the foliage – in two-three weeks time new flowers will appear on an even more prolific and beautiful plant.