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PW Dreamy Lips


The ’DREAMY’-series consists of dahlias with dark green leaves, dainty, glossy buds and beautiful flowers in warm and lovely colours. ‘Dreamy Passion’ has flowers in a fresh and inspiring combination of colours – elegant red with distinct yellow stamens and an abundance of dark, shining buds above a neat, dark green foliage.

Art. code 2203
Plug size:
38 mm
DW: youngplant:
Plant Height:
Plant Width:
30 cm
Ready for Sale:
Mitte Mai
Flowering time:
Growth: upright Floweringperiod: mid-early Suitable for: pot Suitable for: bed Leafcolor: Dark leaves Growth retardant: Growth retardant high Growing place: semi-shade Youngplant unit: 84 Properties: Remove old flowers
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About Dahlia Dreamy:
All the varieties in the new dahlia DREAMY-series have dark green leaves, dark brown, often glossy buds and semi-full to single, medium sized flowers in lovely, warm colours. The ‘Dreamy’-varieties are robust and tolerant with a medium high, compact growth habit. They do equally well on hot summer days as on rainy, windy days.
Dahlias are good and well-known bedding plants, but they are also excellent for pots and containers, especially the vegetatively propagated Dreamy-varieties.
Dahlias prefer lots of daylight and perform best in full sun, but thrive in partial shade, too.
Plant in large pots or containers or e.g. in the perennial garden. The tubers may be kept over winter in a dry, cool, frost free area.
Here are some advice on digging and storing dahlia-tubers: dig tubers before the first frosts or immediately after. Cut back remaining plant stems. Wash or shake off any soil and then allow the tubers to dry. Wrap the dry tubers in newspapers or pack them in peat moss. Label each tuber or group of tubers so you know what they are come spring. Store the tubers in a dark and cool place. Do not allow them to freeze. Replant in a pot the following spring.